2020/21 NBA Redraft League

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In our NBA redraft general managers could draft 10 players using last year's salaries, including one rookie from this years draft class, as well as their franchise that came ready to go with it's own budget and coach. We added Seattle and Vancouver as expansion teams and sent Memphis to the eastern conference. Trades were allowed during and after the draft process and when the dust settled the general managers ranked the teams in both conferences to seed the playoffs for a massive 32 team tournament!

Every week, 4 matchups will be discussed on the Baseline Spinaroonie podcast, then polls for each matchup will be posted on our facebook group page. The general managers can argue their case for why their team should advance (remember to keep it civil amigos!) Teams advance by fan voting, based on how they feel they feel the teams would actually matchup. The winner will receive a NBA jersey of his choice at the conclusion of the tournament and ultimate bragging rights as a legendary team builder! Teams that lose in the first round of the playoffs will be eligible to enter into the lottery tournament for the #1 overall pick in next season's tournament. Good luck to everyone and let's have some fun debating hoops!!

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