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Los Angeles Clippers

Kyrie Irving has his own show, with a ton of depth and weapons at his disposal. Reunited with coach Lue, Kyrie will return to championship form! Pick and roll partner double,double machine Deandre Ayton will be catching lobs all day long and stretch 4 Lauri Markkanen gives Uncle Drew a reliable kick out target. Robert Covington will take on the toughest wing assignment providing elite defense and Markelle Fultz provides more defense and additional playmaking in the starting unit.

Passing genius LaMelo Ball leads the 2nd unit. He will be joined by savvy vet Rudy Gay and exciting bigman Thomas Bryant. Denzel Valentine and rookie big Xavier Tillman get spot minutes to round out the roster. Coach Lue has a solid playoff rotation to work with.


PG: Kyrie (24), Ball (24)

SG: Fultz (23), Kyrie (14), Valentine (11)

SF: Covington (32) Gay (16)

PF: Markkanen (30), Bryant (8), Gay (8), Tillman (2)

C: Ayton (30), Bryant (16), Tillman (2)

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