My Early All-Star Picks

WEST F: Nikola Jokic (25.2/11.8/8.9) F: LeBron James (25.6/7.8/7.3) F: Kawhi Leonard (25.9/5.4/5.7) G: Damian Lillard (28.7/4.8/7.0) G: Steph Curry (27.7/5.5/6.1) F: Rudy Gobert (13.4/14.2/1.4) F: Anthony Davis (21.9/8.8/3.5) F: Paul George (23.9/6.2/5.4) G: Luka Doncic (27.4/9.4/9.7) G: CJ McCollum (26.7/3.9/5.0) W: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (21.8/5.5/6.5) W: Mike Conley (16.6/3.8/5.9) EAST F: Joel Embiid (27.7/11.1/2.8) F: Giannis Antetokounmpo (26.8/11.0/5.6) F: Kevin Durant (30.5/7.5/5.5) G: Trae Young (26.2/4.2/8.8) G: Kyrie Irving (27.9/4.8/5.8) F: Bam Adebayo (20.3/8.9/5.5) F: Jayson Tatum (26.5/6.8/3.8) F: Khris Middleton (21.9/6.5/5.8) G: Bradley Beal (35.4/5.3/4.9) G: Malcolm Brogdon (22.8/4.3/7.1) W: Julius Randle (22.5/11.3/6.0) W: Jaylen Brown (26.5/6.8/3.8) HMs to Jerami Grant (Detroit is so bad), James Harden (7W-8L in games he's played, both Rockets and Nets have played better without him), Ben Simmons (shooting and scoring less than ever before on worse percentages), Jimmy Butler (not enough MP), and Ja Morant (not enough MP). SGA and Mike Conley might seem like contentious picks, but it's actually a real drop-off after the first 9, McCollum has been good, but then guys like Murray, Mitchell, Ingram, Chris Paul, Booker, Zion, and Porzingis really have all been not that impressive. I think my East picks are fairly solid with what consensus opinions would be, except maybe that "Jaylen Brown is too low" to Celtics fan, but like the last three years, the Celtics have been playing better with him off the court. Very slightly better, but better none-the-less. I won't go too in-depth for now, I just wanted to share my opening day thoughts on who I think should be all-star candidates. If Butler and Morant both get their minutes up, I expect them both to bump a guy out of their respective conferences. Harden probably will too, but it's hard to pick 3 guys from a 12-8 team and he's been the most unrelated to winning. Not much of an article, so I'm hesitant to sign-off, but written by W. Smith. Stats from

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