Seattle Supersonics

Kenny Atkinson’s Supersonics squad look to revive a once great basketball franchise.

Starting backcourt of John wall and Kris Middleton will give opponents fits defensively as both have all defensive nods, while shouldering a generous contribution to the offence as perennial all star caliber players in Kenny Atkinson's player preferred system!

The forward mix has Offensive upstart John Collins, and emerging elite defensive freak Jonathan Isaac causing matchup nightmares at the 3 and the 4. Collins shooting and scoring ability, and Isaac's all defensive caliber advanced metrics are perfect compliments to a team that will love their willingness to get out and run and showcase their athleticism.

Holding down the center for Seattle will be Derrick favors when we play big! His 7’4 wingspan, toughness, and experience will be welcome on a squad looking to make a deep playoff run!

The bench features Derrick white, who will also start and be part of the small ball (2PG) unit. White emerged as a legitimate 2 way player in this league. Especially in the bubble! He is more than capable of starting, and now shouldering some scoring and playmaking. (Looking at his bubble performances especially)

Aaron Holliday and Cam Johnson will provide a spark of the bench, with holiday showing incredible maturity this year in Indiana in Oladipo’s absence I’m confident in the play makers getting 39% 3 point shooter Cam Johnson some good looks!

Marvin Williams is the perfect veteran for this bench unit especially. He is a capable shooter and possesses a lot of intangibles that make him a valuable player to eat some minutes with the starters when need be as well!

Bench big man Nick Richards, from Kentucky, is a no brainer. His play this year in the SEC earned him first team All SEC averaging 14, 8, and 2 blocks. This is very promising considering he was never really featured in a system that traditionally showcases freshman superstars. Richards 7’2 wingspan and toolkit have him drawing WCS comparisons! Perfect for a 10th man who may need to eat fouls!

Coach: Kenny Atkinson GM: Lucas Emil


PG: John Wall (26) White (15) Aaron Holiday (7)

SG: Kris Middleton (25) Aaron Holiday ( 10) Derrick White (8) Wall (5)

SF: Jonathan Isaac (20) Cam Johnson (18) Middleton (10)

PF: John Collins (25) Isaac (12) Msrvin Williams (11)

C: Derrick Favours (30) Nick Richards (9) Collins (9)

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