The Hosts

The youngest 2 brothers of 5 basketball addicted boys, Joel and Austin Mueller grew up with a steady diet of watching NBA basketball.  30 plus years of vegging in front of the TV watching games has prepared us and now we're ready to nerd out and share all our biased opinions about the greatest game and players of all time!


Joel Mueller

Austin Mueller

Growing up a fan of Bird's Celtics, Joel has now moved on to adopt the Toronto Raptors as his new favourite team. 

Joel's claim to basketball fame was being projected to to get an all-star over a young Steve Nash in a highschool pre-tournament rankings. Needless to say, Nash ended up as the MVP of that tourney and Joel, well he got to watch Nash win MVP...  

When Joel played college ball (teaming up with big brother Evan and winning the only ACAC Championship in Grande Prairie Wolves men's basketball history) his NBA equivalent was the crafty Sam Cassell.

Now Joel gives back to the game by helping to coach his kid's teams and by refereeing high school ball. Will a comeback to playing basketball ever happen? Perhaps an all Mueller boy alumni team will lure him out of retirement for a couple days...

Austin was brainwashed a Boston fan since his early days by his older brothers and cheers for the Celts still today. Auz also religiously followed Barkley's career, so when Sir Charles was traded to Phoenix Austin became a Suns fan, which carried through the Nash era and till now.

Auz's biggest moment in basketball was as a glue guy on his high school team that went on to win the 96 BC Provincial Championship.

Austin's claim to basketball infamy was leading the Nation in fouls in his ill advised mid 30's comeback to college basketball. 

His NBA equivalent is rebounding, fouling and pick setting specialist, Chuck Hayes! (If you don't know him, YouTube his unlikely triple double with the Rockets.)

Now Austin (at least 50 pounds heavier than that picture) plays in a local men's league trying desperately, but mostly failing, to maintain some basketball relevance.